Saturday, July 22, 2017


June 30, 2017

One of the lies that's been told long enough that we now believe is the truth is foreign trade. It's only good for multinational corporations, Wall Street, bankers and the Media and not the American people. Trump just went against his whole cabinet & will impose a trade war as part of his make America great again. But free trade has not been good for us, high paying jobs have been shipped overseas and replaced by cheap foreign labor and what we get over here are low paying service jobs. Trump defying the top 1 percent will have ramifications, the Deep State will crash our economy in the next 12 months and blame it on Trump.
So could Trump be a modern day Cyrus the Great that GOD raised up to deliver the Jews and rebuild The Temple of Jerusalem after they disobeyed God and delivered them into the evil Babylonians. The Bible often talks about that some are preordained to be born and carry out specific tasks for God during their lifetime and play pivotal role in events. Also is must be noted that JESUS went against the money changers (Deep State) at the Temple and they immediately started to plot His death. All I know is nothing just happens even in Physics a object will remain in a constant state untill an external force is applied to it. Now the Establishment is pissed at Trump but I submit to you something has to's been said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The Deep State was a liar from the beginning, their job is to lie, steal and destroy all at our expense....TELL A LIE LONG ENOUGH IT BECOMES THE TRUTH...we ought to know we have STOCKHOLM'S SYNDROME

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