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July 5,2017
This is a 2 parter, This will also be very controversial subject, which some will call it heresy. I hear all the time will a man rob God, I submit God cannot be robbed. God is a spiritual being and not a physical being so how can u give carnal things to God. Let's go back in history. 1st Jesus said money has nothing to do with God but with Caesar or in today's economy the government or the Church. "Give to Caesar what is Caesar & to God what is God's. I will get back to that. Now under the law God did not accept money as the Tithe. So why did Jesus go off at the temple. Under Moses sacrifices were only permissable at the temple and only performed by the Levites for specific purposes and specific times & only animals could be sacrificed to differentiate the Isrealites from their pagan neighbors. Abuse always happens, eventually the Priesthood passed a law that only Jewish money was acceptable for then procurement of animals to sacrifice at the temple. With this passage of law they set up a foreign exchange money changing system and it became very lucrative for the Priesthood thus they was making a killing. This is when Jesus went off at the temple and He said "My house will be called a house if prayer, but u have made it a DEN of ROBBERS". Thus setting in motion events leading up to Jesus being crucified... He messed with the bankers money. Moving forward the temple was destroyed in 70AD by the Romans thus no more sacrifices could be offered. Eventually 2 new Islamic structures were built at the site the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, which is a major point if contention in the war of Muslims vs Christians. Part 2 later and where we are today and how man always does his own thing

JULY 6, 2017

Now sacrifice existed long before the giving of the law by Moses, it was not instituted by God but by man. Again God's thoughts are not our thoughts. Now back to Caesar, today, we know that the sacrificial system was and is lucrative and very profitable. Today pastors have reintroduced sacrifice under a different guise the Tithe. Now u sacrifice your money instead of animals which is a natural evolutional process. Jesus told the "rich young ruler" to聽go and sell all he had and give the proceeds to the poor and then follow Him. Pastors new and improved modern version is tell people to sell all they have, bring the proceeds to the chur h and then follow them. Jesus says "if u love me keep my commandments" but pastors have replaced that with jf u love God give Him a tithe of your income. Didn't God say the world is mine & all that us in it. So if God owns everything He certainly doesn't need our money cuz u can't. directly give money directly. To God, so pastors insists it should be given directly to them since they are said to be God's chief representative here on earth. Now back to Jesus, the priesthood frustrated by Jesus challenged Him at the temple, they demanded and wanted to know on what authority was Jesus doing the things He was doing. Jesus reply He ask them was the baptism of John where was it from, heaven or men? Jesus maintains what is of GOD cannot be of men and what is of men cannot be of God. I know some of u are gonna quote from Paul. But I submit he appointed leaders to have organization. Jeremiah says "a horrible shocking thing has happened in the land, the prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority and my people love it this way" I know in these times God is looking for a church without spot or wrinkles to pour his blessings in these coming times, furthermore and so are the people. See there is a old saying game recognizes game. Now I'm. not saying not to give far from it for "GOD loves a cheerful giver, not grudgingly or of necessity but from the heart" Churches get ready for the perilous famine times coming. Will you be lookin at the books or will u be helping the people in need, cuz the people will be flocking to the church. Get ready, get ready get ready.

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