Saturday, July 22, 2017

RUMORS OF WAR 6/27/2017

June 7, 2017


Remember the Mission Impossible movie, part if it was filmed in Qatar with ultra it's modern skyscrapers. It is the richest country in the middle east, its a hodgepodge of western style living and ultra conservative Islam where homosexuals and adulterers face possible death penalty if caught. There is a big rift between them and Saudi Arabia, both countries have close United States ties. Countries in the Middle East are taking sides. Who would have thought that Israel and Iran and Turkey line up with Qatar. President OBAMA supported invading Syria for them to get the U.S. led consortium to get a natural gas pipeline to Europe vs the Russian led pipeline consortium to Europe. See Russian hacking in U.S. elections was a smokescreen...hint FOLLOW THE MONEY. Also there is a rift between Isis, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and which countries support who. Saudi Arabia is stopping food going in Qatar. It's getting serious. In the meantime our Deep state industrial Military Complex is selling WAR Weapons, materials to both sides. Notice in Trump's budget he increased Military Spending....War is Money....I also submit to u that every PRESIDENT since Franklin D Roosevelt has been bought off by the Deep State our 4th branch of Government including President Obama and now Trump. Wars and rumors of wars is in the air.

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