Saturday, July 22, 2017


March 21, 2017

"There is a sucker born every minute"
Immortal words by PT Barnum of Barnum and Bailey Circus. That's how our government in D.C. and Bankers, Insurance Companies treat us. 1st the politicians...Both sides of the isle are corrupt, rotten to the core, Democrats and Republicans. Both sides are in this for personal gain and are incapable of doing anything right for society because power corrupts. Think about this they spend millions to make 179k per year plus all u can steal...WOW...Some of the Ponzi Schemes they come up with you and me would be put under the jail.
Their main Ponzi scheme is to take money from one person to give to another or tax the younger generation to pay for the another generation but then sidetrack the money and earmark it for other things and on top of that create Bonds that they sell to the public. What amazes me we still believe in what they are saying because we all know they have a public position and a private position on every topic, then they go behind closed doors and give each other high 5s on how we get over on these suckers(American public) one last thing the press in on this too.

The Next Big Pop
Looming on the horizon is an overheated commercial real estate market. Notice all the new multi family apartments popping up all over the place. That's foreign money flowing into the states especially from Europe, remember Europe is on life support and the United States is the prettiest girl at the dance. Rents are going up but our incomes are not. 2nd retail malls defaulting at record pace. We're doing our shopping online. Big retailers reporting losses. 3rd...,refinance loans from the 2008 recession coming due and banks/wall street not refinancing these loans. Not only that the credit default swaps with loans packaged and sold off now require the issuing bank to have an equity stake in the bond package. 4th Fed raising interest rates, will affect credit card payments, car loans, property taxes, i hear the faucet dripping water and the stream get stronger

Let's be real
Lies, Lies more lies... let's get one thing straight about politics everyone has a public position and a private position whether Democrat or republican. Next thing with all this lieing going on the media can't be trusted because they are owned by conglomerates who's vested interest contradict with us the common people. Surely we can't get our politicians in both parties to do anything right their answer is either tax the rich and raise taxes or cut taxes to the rich neither of which works. In the meantime both parties are cutting side deals under the table filling their pockets to the brim along with their buddies who bought them the deal. Hmm go in office poor come out multi millionaires, they trading on inside information that we can't do which is against the law but they write the law...go figure...See billions are spent lobbying our Legislative branches if government...always follow the money in all things... Question do they lobby the executive branch no or the judicial branches of the MONEY....

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