Monday, July 24, 2017


July 24,2017


The other day I wrote in the essay Civil Asset Forfeiture that the government is constantly looking at ways to expand its powers to enslave the people.  Well Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the ring leader and on top of that is a snitch.   He wants to to be able to confiscate your property and assets at will. Because of him, cops can stop you for anything and then take your stuff if they suspect you of a crime, they don't need to indict, convict or even charge you to take your assets...this must change at all levels...The Deep State the 4th branch of government that works independently of the 3 branches that really runs things has not been able to get to Trump so they have Sessions in their hip pocket.  He will never pursue real evil doers like the CIA importing heroin and cocaine into our cities giving it to our children getting them hooked and then sending our males to the for profit penitentiary system.  He even wants to reverse the laws that the states have implemented on marijuana use and possession.  Trump after 6 months in office realizes the game is rigged.  He realizes he is on a island and the Deep State Establishment in both parties want him out even though he won against Clinton fair an square ,...and no Russia did not fix the election, that's a spin job to the dufas American public...but Clinton's belief of the hype, stupidity, arrogance, unlawfulness by assuming she would win did her in. You know the old saying by assumption, came back and bit her in the ass and now we have Trump because he took his case to the people despite overwhelming odds against him.  Now Trump do the right thing for once say Sessions "you're fired".

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