Monday, July 24, 2017


June 21, 2017


1st premise Everything we hear, see and hear and learned is a LIE...2nd. The Whites who run the Main Stream Media. The Establishment or Deep State never do anything without an agenda. 3rd... The most important and controversial statement is we as BLACKS suffer from STOCKHOLM'S SYNDROME which is a mental disease that makes u love and trust your enemy unconditionally no matter how evil and retched the things they have done to us and still doing to us. Whites know we love and trust them and we like sheep will follow giving them the benefit of the doubt in all situations. We know "HisStory" is a lie from the beginning for this country cuz George Washington was not the 1st president if the U.S. but a Black Man named John Hanson so therefore President Obama was the 2nd Black President. So Now the Deep State wants to take this country down economically, socially and politically. False new events are being perpetrated daily. We must have a paradigm shift in our inbred thought Confining process to question and not follow along like good house N's.

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