Saturday, July 22, 2017

Civil Asset Forfeiture

July 20, 2017

Civil Asset Forfeiture

The Government/Deep State in its many ways to retain and expand its powers are constantly looking for ways to enslave the people. We all know about the so called war on drugs... Farce... Mainly in the Black community, now white's getting mad, where now the government wants to consficate any property, assets, cash u may have for any reason. With federal, state and municipal governments essentially broke its the next step in an evolutionary process.Now get this straight it has nothing to do with republican or Democrat its has to do with governments are broke... Its gonna get real ugly... See this country was built on confiscation, BLACK slave labor and the new slaves the BROWN peoples migrating to this country... When the next big economic worldwide depression hits within next 18 months... Welfare, food stamps, medicare, medicaid and other government programs will cease, taxes will be raised on everything, lastly we will see government workers in federal, state and local governments being let go, cash will be outlawed... How long not long... See these events are already taking place in the EURO zone... That's why all these apartments being built like crazy and the stock market racing to new highs, its European and Japanese money flowing over to the United States... These people are protecting their assets

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