Tuesday, August 20, 2019


In the series “Lost in Space” the robot arms swung wildly back and forth  when danger approached.  This time the Barbarians are assembling at our gates.  America, the world and the church has been found wonting.  Just like when Paul was riding to Damascus, he was suddenly blinded and fell off of his horse.  A voice asked “ Why do you kick against the Goads?”  I can asked America, the world and the church “ why do we kick against the Goads.”  It’s too late, no amount of praying will help us now.  The dye has been cast. God showed us the eclipse in August 2017 the year of completion. He showed us two Blood Red Moons and two super rare blue moons in 2018 the year of new beginnings.  We didn’t take heed. Since we are so prideful, arrogant, selfish, lustful, greedy, jealous, materialistic, among other things.  God is doing a new thing to confound the wise. So now the barbarians are gathering at our gates. Every day a new group of barbarians are gathering at our gates, their armies are vast.  You ask what barbarians? What armies?
(1) The US dollar continues to rise choking off other nations, because all currencies are settled in US Dollars.  We accuse China of making their currency the Yuan go down against the US Dollar but in reality all world currencies are in trouble and going down against our Dollar since January 2018 the new beginning.  Here are the numbers $88 in Jan of 2018, now $98.50 and rising.  The relative strength index is at 52 nowhere in overbought territory.  The moving average has crossed over to the upside.  I said before the dollar will rise, gold and silver will rise, and blockchain will rise, breaking all economic old ways thought process. The old way that people study in economics doesn’t work anymore, we're too intertwined. (2)The Banks of the world are in trouble, they’ve lowered their interest rates to zero and in some instances negative zero.  Did they lower interest rates on anything that we use on an everyday basis? Banks now don’t trust each other, they know the games being played.  They know the tares were never separated from the good wheat. (3) Cryptocurrencies namely Bitcoin and solving blockchains like Ripple have the banks and the governments shaking in their boots. (4) the published 3.5% unemployment rate is a straight up bold face LIE. Real 3.5% unemployment is full employment, that means you can walk off your job today and next week you have another one at same or more money. (5) Our towns, cities and states are in real deficits some teetering on bankruptcy, therefore municipal bonds are in trouble.(6) In the transportation industry which includes trucking, shipping, air, they have had 9 straight months of decline in volume, that means economic activity has slowed.  Anything over 6 months is a recession.  This indicator alone precedes every downturn. BTW, UPS has been successfully and quietly using unmanned trucks in a fully automated system. Get this the only thing holding back this technology is the law has not caught up to technology. (7) Retail stores and malls shutting down at record pace.(8) Corporate debt is at 5 trillion and most of it coming due by 2024. (9) The yield curve has inverted, that means you make more money over 3 months than you do tying your money up for 2 years to 10 years.  This indicator has never failed. ( 10) war clouds on the horizon, war won’t do it this time, because the world is interwoven together electronically. (11) the Fed and Trump are at odds, they may blow up the economy for the heck of it just to get him out of office.  If the economy is jacked up he’s not getting re-elected and he knows it. (12) Democrats don’t start salivating, y'all stupid too. Taxing and spending using the factious electronic press won’t work either, you'll end up just like Europe, then Venezuela as the end game. (13)  The Federal government is reporting that over 19 million acres of farmland was not planted this year because of flooding, mostly from 12 Midwestern states. The report also states  the average farmer is 1.3 million in debt. Wheat, soybean and corn farmers loose about 70K per acre when crops don’t get planted or yields are small. Tons of farmers are asking  for federal assistance, it also doesn’t help that the tariff war is in full bore. What’s next, short answer food prices will escalate, cattle feed gets tighter, meats will go up and food shortages around the corner. (14) Gold is sensing a worldwide crisis, it's gone from $1100 to over $1500 over the last 12 months, while silver has gone from $11 to $16 in US dollars.  In other currencies it's exploding even  more to the upside. These are hard assets since the beginning of time.  Now with the invention of the Blockchain and use of the Internet, MasterCard and Visa can now be tied into your ownership of Gold and Silver also bypassing banks using "GoldMoney."
    On every level whether economic, political, social or religious conditions are shaky.  Behold everything we know is about to change, for every action there is an opposite reaction.  We have now moved into Newton's third law of weight times mass times acceleration phase.  We are also in a period when the elect have been fooled, their wise ways not working anymore.  Churches you're up next what will you do?  Will you be equipped to handle the influx of people?  Do you know they will have no money? Will you turn them away because they have no tithe money? Will they be robbing God?  Can blessings still flow? Can faith be put into action? I leave with this quote. from Gandhi, He said" first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you then you win." Know this God's thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways are not our ways, He is the one that changes seasons, He is the one that brings on the shaking.  Without the shaking how can our attention and focus and hardness of our hearts be humbled.  As they say in the streets there is nothing but air and opportunity, no more jawboning.  

Monday, August 19, 2019

The Progressive Watchman: ROACHES IN OUR MIDST

The Progressive Watchman: ROACHES IN OUR MIDST: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against authorities, against the powers, against the world forces o...


For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against authorities, against the powers, against the world forces of darkness, against the master evil spirits that rule this world.  That said the Watchman's job is never easy. The job is to be a lookout.  In relaying the information there maybe strongholds, willful blindness, normalcy bias and downright stubborn unbelief.   See the natural mind disregards the message because it did not come from their new gods, social media, the main stream media or their pastor who they think is God's representative.  There are other reasons like erroneous theology that denies spiritual gifts. Unbelief of the messenger. hardness of the heart and deception. Pridefulness, arrogance, shinning, jealousy, lustfulness, spiritual blindness and spiritual deafness.  Yahoushua warned us how deception would take place.  Matter of fact its mentioned in multiple places in the Bible.
     That said America and the church have been infested by roaches.  We all know that roaches are nasty and filthy and operate in darkness and shadows but they can't stand light.  The prophet Jeremiah said you make the people trust in a lie when talking to the false prophet Hananiah.  Alias our country's leaders, social media, main stream media and even lots of our churches, evangelist and self anointed prophets. See deep deception and manipulation is very powerful and convincing.  The old adage of tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth. We have roaches in our midst, the lights have been turned on and now the roaches are out in the open scurrying to and fro. The WORD states " for waywardness of the naive shall kill them, for they are fools and their own complacency will destroy them."
     We already know we have degenerates who run this country in both Democrat and republican party's. But the church it's a whole another matter. The prophet Jeremiah says " What sorrow awaits the leaders of my people--the shepherds of my sheep-- for they have destroyed and scattered the very ones they were expected to care for."  Why can't they see? Why can't they hear? Why don't they care? These churches built on shifting sand when the shaking begins will fall when the shaking and volcanic eruptions begins in earnest. Steam is already venting from the cracks in the ground from greed, fornication, idolatry, this watered down, itching ears, non offensives messages taught today.  How will they take care of the Great Awakening when the people flock for sanctuary?  But those churches built on a solid foundation will flourish.  Ole foolish America who has bewitched you?  It's satan the prince of the air, the liar, cheater and deceiver of the people.  If he can enter Judas who walked with Yahousha, surely he can enter presidents, other leaders and pastors.  Have you studied history of how Hitler rose to power, how many know he got the church elite on his side.  Are you a critical thinker, a spiritual thinker or a sheep led to slaughter?  In the end I pray that the eyes and ears of your understanding be enlightened that you may be able to operate against the schemes of the roaches in our midst.  It's time to exterminate the roaches.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Progressive Watchman: DEGENERATES AT THE TOP

The Progressive Watchman: DEGENERATES AT THE TOP: Degenerates run our country.  The definition is "having lost the physical, mental or moral qualities.  Other words are corrupted, debau...


Degenerates run our country.  The definition is "having lost the physical, mental or moral qualities.  Other words are corrupted, debauched, reprobated, perverted, sinful, and ungodly.  Let's break this down, we have current president Donald Trump, former president Bill Clinton, former US Senator and Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton, Prince of England, Saudi Princes, countless other rich and powerful people have hung with Jeffrey Epstein for years.  The old saying about birds of a feather flock together.  All of these people should be tossed under a jail cell and the key thrown away.  They knew about his activities and participated , now they are trying to distance themselves.  How deep does the rabbit hole go?They had to get him out of the way.
     Let me ask this, why did they protect his degenerate ways for years?  Another question, there is no way the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ and others  here in the USA and abroad intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies didn't know about his activities in NYC and on "Orgy Island." Are this agencies saying he was an intelligence asset.  WOW!!! All of these degenerates, reprobated, perverts are running our country, the moral decay here in the United States and the world is appalling.  Are we so desensitized that nothing phases us anymore.  How in good conscience can we ever mutter out of our mouths "make america great again" because you have to know that " a fish rots from the head down."  Who in this case is without sin, I fully expect the people who supported this pervert will die unexplained and explained deaths.  Who even cares here in America, certainly not our governmental elites in both parties, the Christian elites which includes self anointed prophets, evangelists, pastors or even ordinary citizens who keep these bozos in power.  In the end down goes Frazier as the head hits the canvass, whoops America and her wicked, perverted ways.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


The Progressive Watchman: WHY SHOULD I GET INTO BLOCKCHAIN PART 1: Most people will say I don’t understand it or it’s not real.  I say hogwash. Everyday people get on airplanes yet don’t understand how th...


Most people will say I don’t understand it or it’s not real.  I say hogwash. Everyday people get on airplanes yet don’t understand how the planes flies.  How many people know aerodynamics? Yet you believe and trust with no guarantees you will arrive unscathed.  Everyday you go to work and on payday you receive an electronic deposit and you believe that it will spend. On the flip side you have a worthless piece of paper or a piece of plastic that people accept as payment.  Twenty years ago nobody used the Internet.  People just used it for texting and email, now just about everything you do now is by the Internet.   
     The old guard would have you to believe that crypto currencies are fake, are frauds and worthless.  If it's a fraud why has the largest bank in the world JP Morgan Chase introduced their own crypto currency? Why is Bank of America using Ripple? Why is Moneygram using Ripple and making new record profits? Today 30 billion in transactions are done using Bitcoin by legitimate companies and more and more companies are adopting this technology everyday.  If it wasn’t for innovation we’ed still be on horse and buggies which at one time people scoffed at buggies, then later they scuffed at Henry Ford's Model T automobile.
     There are three types of money.  FIAT money which is nonconvertible paper money without any intrinsic value that has been established by the government as legal tender. A fiat currency example are the paper dollars in your pocket ie… the US Dollar, Euros, Yens or any other government paper money system.  With paper money the Federal Reserve Bank has a electronic printing press that they just create money out of thin air. Sounds like Bitcoin doesn't it? Both assets are based upon faith. Everyday our government just creates money in paper format and digital format. Now days you receive your money in a digital format or electronic transaction, then you spend it electronically and the person or company accepts it as a valid transaction. But if you and I create money like our government we are tossed under the jail without the light of day. But what the government can't control is bartering which has been going on since the beginning of time long before governments were established. What the government doesn't like is who determines value between two parties, therefore the government can't tax the transaction. With the government it's all about control and it's gonna get worse.
Precious Metals like Gold and Silver is a form of commodity money, just like salt was in ancient times or cattle. These forms of money have been used as a store of value and monetary exchange just like dollars. Precious metals have never gone to zero. Our dollars used to backed by either gold or silver until President Nixon took the USA off of the gold standard in 1974.  These forms of currencies have been around since the birth of civilization. The only bad thing gold and silver is bulky and hard to hide,which means it can be confiscated on whim by government like when president FDR used executive order 6102 in 1933 where he ordered everybody to turn in their gold. Guess what people hoarded their gold to buck ths order. Why then did he do it? Because he was a puppet of the banking cartel.  Funny how the banking cartel were the ones who caused the Great Depression yet we turned to the same foxes who destroyed the hen house to fix the broken system they caused. So who benefits in this arrangement? Then FDR and the banking cartel established the Federal Reserve system, which is a system of private banks who create and lend money to our government and to other large banks in a good ole boy system.  Next up Blockchain and crypto currencies which will level the playing field for the common people. Thus the government is shaking in their boots.


Monday, August 12, 2019

The Progressive Watchman: CHAOS REINS SUPREME

The Progressive Watchman: CHAOS REINS SUPREME: Chaos is defined as complete disorder and confusion or behavior so unpredictable as to appear random.  That's what going on.  Funny thin...


Chaos is defined as complete disorder and confusion or behavior so unpredictable as to appear random.  That's what going on.  Funny thing once chaos is unleashed it's impossible to control. 1st they the Deep State will have everyone think it was a fluke that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide.  It also shows how deep the information he had would have brought the whole world system down in multiple countries.  Desperate times require desperate measures.  In their eyes the ends justifies the means.  Question who investigates the investigators? Logs will show that cameras were turned off in the guard area and the medical area.  Two, the ceilings are nine feet tall with nothing to attached to.  Three, sheets are made of a paper material. 4.  A mysterious van pulls up where the license plate is not identified, 5. Inside the van are military personnel and he is whisked away to medical with no records.  6.This has CIA and Mossad all over it. (7) on July 27 I wrote how this would end in " Jeffrey Einstein found Dead", two wees before that I posted a picture of a Hurst that shows what happens to Deep State detractors.  Now the world will know how the Deep State destroyed Black Leaders using the police state and the judicial system, economics through the virtual plantation system to keep order.  What comes around goes around.  Chaos reins. It's now a battle of the Have's and Have Not's and color will be a side bar.
    Next up Gold and Silver breaks 5 year downtrend against all world currencies.   These two precious metals have always been a store of value when chaos erupts as a hedge against man's foolishness.  Europe is on the ropes, China has tariff wars against the USA, plus they are sending in Troops to squelch the mass demonstrations in Hong Kong plus they have issues with Taiwan. South America has been a mess for a while and it's only getting worse.  No wonder immigrants flowing to the United States.  Oil is breaking down, watch the price, it always shows where things are going.
     Next up chaos is showing up in price escalations at Walmart they are not the low price leader anymore.  In the trucking industry loads are slowing down.  Guess what Loadsmart and Starsky just delivered a fully automated Truck delivery without humans recently.  Lastly Bitcoin will be a digital form of gold and Litecoin will be a digital silver, these assets will rise to astronomical heights and the US dollar will continue to rise against all world currencies wrecking chaos against other world currencies.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Progressive Watchman: THE CARTEL

The Progressive Watchman: THE CARTEL: Cartel is defined as “ a group of apparently independent producers whose goal is to increase their collective profits by means of price fi...